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Your path to sustainability

With Kirsty Bishop-Fox

Simple changes will make your business or household more sustainable

Hi my name’s Kirsty. As an insightful environmentalist, I’m here to help you take steps towards reducing waste, making conscious environmental choices, and doing good for our planet in ways which can even save money too.

Through a range of audits, coaching, and workshops, I help individuals, councils and business transform their approach to waste, recycling and sustainable living.

I’ve been working from home for many years, and like many am now schooling from home. While we can’t, and don’t want to live like this for any longer than needed, it’s also a great opportunity to reflect and look at ways you can reduce waste, especially food waste. This will not only keep your bin emptier and save you money, it will also save trips to the supermarket during this time. There is a lot of sustainable living learning in this, that will hopefully continue when we’re back to ‘normal’.

Due to the current changes in the world due to COVID-19, I’m offering waste and sustainability workshops via online sessions which can be tailored to support your objectives. You can keep connected with your community or colleagues and maintain a focus on sustainability goals, even during this unsettled time. Please send an email if you would like to explore how can collaborate.

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